High efficiency alkali-resistant primer

Features :
·Good sealing ability to prevent water vapor permeation
·Effectively prevent the breeding of molds
·High efficiency and anti-alkali, effective prevention of back alkali discoloration of coating film
·It is easy to construct, large brushing area
·Mostly used in flat coating


Chenyang high-efficiency anti-alkali primer, using high-performance emulsion, introducing functional groups, high-efficiency anti-alkali, ultra-high closure, can effectively prevent the surface paint damage caused by the exudation of alkaline substances inside the wall. At the same time, it has good anti-mildew effect.


Construction tools: paint brushes, rollers. Theoretical lacquer consumption: 8-10 square meters per kilogram each time (dry film 25um meter). Due to the actual construction surface roughness and dilution ratio is different. The quantity of lacquer consumption is also different. The construction conditions are: 5-35c, humidity is less than 85cm; Wind and dust weather should stop construction. Drying time: dry: 30 minutes; Repainting time is not less than 2 h. 

dilution ratio

Before using,you should mix evenly, in order to achieve the best brushing effect, when brushing may add not more than 10% of the water dilution (according to the construction feel as appropriate to add or decrease) .


disposing substrate

Removing dust, grease, algae and other adhesives from the surface, keep the surface clean, dry and secure, and the moisture content on the wall surface is less than 10%. Ph value is less than 10. The old wall is removed with a knife and sanded with sandpaper. 



Pay attention to the occlusion of windows and other parts, as well as the protection of sprayed paint film; Strict implementation of construction specifications, beyond the scope of construction conditions should not be forced construction; Attention should be paid to environmental protection in coating application to avoid contamination and pollution. After finishing the painting, please use clean water to clean the utensils. Storage and validity: sealed in 5-35 c cool and dry environment for 18 months. 


safety information

Hazard Note: eye irritation may cause allergic skin reactions. Precautions: avoid inhalation of dust, smoke, gas, smoke, steam, spray. Wear protective gear in use. Clean hands and other contact areas after operation. Do not drain into the environment. Accident response: if skin (hair, wash with plenty of soapy water and water. If contaminated eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately. And seek medical assistance. If skin irritation or skin rash, please consult a doctor in time. Safe storage: avoid direct sunlight, store in a well-ventilated place, keep containers tightly sealed. With strong acid, strong alkali. Strong oxidant. Segregated storage of food and animal feed-waste disposal: disposal of paint waste in accordance with national and local regulations for disposal. (please refer to the Product Safety Technical Specification before use). Executive standard: JG / T210-2007 GB24408-2009.

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